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Frederic Ramioulle

Tethys Engineering at Solidworks 2016 Feb 1-3 in Dallas

Tethys Engineering at Solidworks 2016 Feb 1-3 in Dallas

​On Feb 2nd 2016, just a little over a week from today, Tethys Engineering will be invited to participate to the general session at Solidworks World 2016 in Dallas, the world's largest users conference for CAD-FEA enthusiasts. The second day general session will be led by Suchit Jain, Vice President Strategy and Communities at Solidworks. It will be designed to talk about various investments and innovations Solidworks is driving to further strengthen the global community of Solidworks users. 

During that session, I will be invited to come on stage and to introduce the audience to Tethys Engineering. The discussion will be done under an interview format and will provide an amazing opportunity to get a very large amount of customers exposed to Tethys Engineering's value proposition. We will also have a booth in the partner pavilion as this event will mark the official beginning of our participation to Solidworks' partner program. Finally, a number of interactions with members of the press will be organized during the afternoon of the 2nd to give Tethys Engineering additional opportunities to spread the word. I would expect our business registrations to increase significantly during the days that follow...a hint for all students participants to polish profiles, and get ready to interact with new customers.

Frederic Ramioulle

Tethys Engineering attracts its first 6 customers

Tethys Engineering attracts its first 6 customers
The second half of this summer has been very busy at Tethys Engineering. Despite the fact that we are still in a soft launch mode, working on improving some of our core mechanisms and processes, we feel blessed that customers have already trusted us to performed some very interesting activities.

"Tethys Engineering is offering us the opportunity to access the talent at ASU (Arizona State University) in a very flexible and efficient way. We see this as an excellent complement to our small engineering team"

Vocational Truck Manufacturer - AZ, 2015

When we started, we were asked the following question all the time: "what would students be able to do?". Convinced that with some directions, the engineers in our colleges could surprise the biggest skeptics and create real value for a wide variety of customers. Here are a few examples that made a difference for those first few customers: 

  • Developing Solidworks models that can be driven from a table/spreadsheet to rapidly adjust to the various system configurations needed 
  • Creating a full set of drawing with the appropriate geometric tolerancing and dimensioning needed to ensure that the manufactured components will assemble without any issues.
  • Converting a library of 2D drawings into 3D models to improve the overall design to manufacturing process.
  • Modifying a large series of 3D models in order to fine tune the decision and prepare for the manufacturing of production injection molds.
  • Developing the first 3D design for a startup launching a new product line after securing a set of US patents.

This demonstrate that students can efficiently contribute to various activities of various engineering department. With the right guidance and leveraging Tethys Engineering collaboration environment, students can not only complement the full time staff but allow a redistribution of tasks to make everyone more productive.

3D Modeling and model maintenance

2D to 3D library conversion

Drawing package development and other technical documentation

Frederic Ramioulle

Accessing and Using SOLIDWORKS on Tethys Engineering

Accessing and Using SOLIDWORKS on Tethys Engineering

Tethys Engineering and SOLIDWORKS have put in place a mechanism to allow students in qualifying post-secondary (college or university) program to access the tools needed for students to participate to extended virtual internships and perform engineering work for businesses around North America. Please follow these steps to request access to Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS , connect to the server, and estimate the cost of usage.


  1. Register to Tethys Engineering as a Student and make sure you have a valid ".edu" email address on file.​
  2. Log in and go to "My Tethys/Students/Request access to SOLIDWORKS" and fill in the form making sure you provide a valid student ID. Once submitted, the form will allow you to upload a copy of your student ID card as an image or pdf file.
    This is required, access will not be granted unless a scan of a valid student ID card is provided.
  3. Your request will be evaluated and once accepted, you will receive an email inviting you to go on the Tethys Engineering web site  to join the Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group.​
  4. After joining the  "Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group",  you will be able to find the remaining instructions to get access to SOLIDWORKS.​
  5. Before being able to access the server, you will need to register to MySolidWorks ( ) and provide the serial # that has been provided to you within the "Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group", in the Solidworks installation discussion.. Registering to MySolidWorks will also give you access to the download area you will need to install the software on your computer​
  6. Once you have you MySolidWorks ID used with the Tethys Engineering license number, come back to Tethys Engineering and navigate to "My Tethys/Students/My SOLIDWORKS Access Info" and update your form to make sure your "MySolidWorks ID" is properly captured.​
  7. Once this is complete you will need to follow the steps described in Solidworks access tutorial discussion. This will allow you to create the necessary VPN access to the SolidNetwork Licence server. 


Use of Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS is continuously monitored and hours consumed will be deducted from billing transactions to customers. It is expected that students issue invoices to customers at least fortnightly and cover their Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS access fees by the end of each calendar month. SOLIDWORKS + Tethys Engineering access bundle pricing is available in the "Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group" on

Frederic Ramioulle

Rolling out more advanced communication capabilities

Rolling out more advanced communication capabilities

We have created a news repository and a mean for various participants to participate in the news creation process. We started with several categories that will be filled with content progressively, each category targeted to achieve a specific communication objective. 


​Everything starts and ends with the customer, hence we will step up our effort to increase the level of communication relative to what is happening on the customer front. We plan on posting news relative to the customer success stories but also allow customers themselves to provide news related to their organizations and the various internship opportunities they are creating.


Naturally our students and the campus environment in which they operated is a foundational part of the mission of Tethys Engineering. Our news section relative to the various campuses that are participating will celebrate the impact our effort has on the learning and apprenticeship opportunities but here too we will allow students themselves to highlight their personal stories.


It is important that we continue to invest in our software portfolio available to students and businesses. We will post news on the developments on this front and make sure that we are timing it correctly with the development of customer needs

Tethys Engineering:

Finally, we will start to posts more systematically news on the development of Tethys Engineering itself. We are making good progress with the maturing platform available to businesses and students. More importantly have demonstrated that we can create the right connection with businesses, deliver quality services, and have the customer come back for more leaving the student with more apprenticeship opportunities.

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