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Welcome to Tethys Engineering

We have re-invented the way students and businesses work together while creating a meaningful source of education funding for students across campuses .

We are providing an option for businesses to extend their relationships with students over the entire duration of their academic journeys. While co-op programs and internships as we know them will continue to exist, we believe that Tethys Engineering creates a much needed option to dramatically increase the level of apprenticeship available to students and allow businesses to shape the development of students while getting production work done.

You can play your part in this exciting development by participating and helping us make Tethys Engineering a great success. 

A "German-style" apprenticeship through "Virtual Extended Internships"

We have assembled software tools and collaboration platforms to allow students and businesses to take part in "Virtual Extended Internships", a part-time working experience where the student is able to productively work on real-world tasks and projects while remaining on Campus.

The participating businesses  can now plan to establish long term relationships with our bright upcoming generation of engineers without having to worry about the software investments that would typically be required.

Over the course of a four year degree, it is now possible for students to accumulate over 3,000 hours of practical engineering experience and emulate what the German education system has done for years.

An Entrepreneurship opportunity for every student

Tethys Engineering provides students the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurship skills. There is nothing more important in today's competitive world than being able to sell one-self and the many ideas that one may create. Tethys Engineering offers those that have the entrepreneur's bug to go beyond looking for internships.

On Tethys Engineering you can organize a group of students, create content, sell your knowledge in our own online university, specialized on unique offerings, market your services, etc.

We have included the tools for you to monitor sales, track customer orders, send invoices, collect payments through Paypal or credit card, and essentially be your own boss. All those activities are naturally integrated to your profile and will give you the unique opportunity to enrich your reputation diary way before graduation.

An online university for each participant

Ensuring that students can participate productively to real-production activities requires that they often acquire knowledge that are very specific to a given situation, business and/or stream of work. For that purpose, we have integrated a full featured online university platform in Tethys Engineering. Every participant, and more importantly every business can create a series of curriculum with online classes and allow students to learn the essential they need to participate to certain projects.

Exams and quizzes can also be created to formalize the learning experience of the students and allow them to carry a certificate of achievement on their profiles and their learning diaries.

A way to erase size and geography limitations

In today's dynamic world, we can't expect to find the best partner at the corner of the street and being large rarely equates to the ability to win or excel. This is true for students, campus and businesses alike. With Tethys Engineering, we help eliminate the limitations that may have once existed for businesses and campuses to overcome their geographical limitations. We have provided the online environment and made investments in commercial licenses needed by student engineers to do business with businesses of any size, anywhere. Now it is up to each participant to fully take advantage of the opportunity.

After all, during the early days of Tethys Engineering we already had a customer in Germany working with students in Arizona and a manufacturer in Pennsylvania building relationships with students in Iowa and Illinois. Let's all follow in their foot steps and take full advantage of our networked community on Tethys Engineering.

A portfolio of commercial Engineering Software for students

Putting commercial licenses of the right engineering software in the hands of students is the key to make it all possible. We are working closely with our software partners and investing in setting up in the right mechanisms for students to access the software when needed. Businesses need to just focus on getting students involved!


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