Customer Sponsor Program


 You have access to material that will help you connect with potential customers, promote the Tethys Engineering value proposition, and secure their participation

Relationship Building 

 You have the collaboration environment to nurture the relationship between the customers you have signed up and the Tethys Engineering community


 For every hour that “your” customers spend with Tethys Engineering, you will receive $1 as long as the customer’s activity is not interrupted for a period of 6 months or more

A unique marketing and relationship building opportunity

The Customer Sponsor Program is available to any registered user of Tethys Engineering. For students participants, it offers the opportunity to hone marketing skills, something often overlooked by most engineers. For professional interested in promoting and embracing the Tethys Engineering mission, this will provide the opportunity to participate in the value created.

We want promoters to connect with businesses of various sizes, convince them of the value student engineers equipped with the right tools can bring, and build a long term relationship that will benefit everyone. For students promoters, the experience will not only make a difference on a resume but also bring a source of funding to cover the cost of education. For professionals, this might be an opportunity to add a new source of revenue.

As an illustration of what this could mean, and for each customer sponsor, a 5-member student team working 10-15hr/weeks will give you a $50-75 weekly commission (assumes hours are approved and paid by the customer).


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