Start today, get up and running in six easy steps 


1. Register 

2. Build Relationships

3. Start with internship activities

4. Plan, Collaborate, Monitor progress and Manage outcome

5. Pay and get paid for results. Provide feedback

6. Further develop your talent pool

Refer to the Help section for in depth tutorials and quickly master the Tethys Engineering Platform.

How does it work?

Whether you are a student or a business starting working with Tethys Engineering, it is quite simple, just follow the steps described here. 

Register on Tethys Engineering 

Tethys Engineering offers a “Facebook-like” environment for students and businesses to build relationships with one another. The registering process is effortless and allows businesses and students to establish profiles and to share all relevant information helping to match potential interns with internship propositions. 


Build Relationships - Grow profiles

Create private groups and invite students to build relationships in very specific areas of interest. Search for students based on experience, know-how, certification, reputation. As a student, your profile and your growing reputation will be key in order to be selected by businesses. 


Start Internship Activities 

Businesses of all sizes tap into the talent and energy of students through various internships and co-op programs. Now businesses can extend those relationships over time, making them more productive and greater integration of the students into production projects. The online relationship combined to the availability of the engineering tools needed to get work done reinvents the nature of internships.

Plan, Collaborate, Monitor progress
and Manage outcome

Plan activities, create tasks, define milestones, review progress and dynamically work together, to achieve the expected objective

Pay and Get paid for Results.
Provide feedback

To make everything work, we provide a project management system, a file sharing system, a time tracking mechanism, a billing system, and a way for students to get paid. At this point, students and businesses can get work done and manage the entire process with the tools provided. 

Further Develop your Talent Pool

Businesses can provide learning material to selected students, review progress and establish a steady improvement roadmap to maximize the value extracted from joining Tethys Engineering. On top of this an online apprenticeship diary is available, where students and businesses can capture and rate the experience, the achievements, and the know-how students have acquired over time.

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