Registering on Tethys Engineering

is about joining a community, so please take the time to properly introduce yourself.

Who you are
What can you offer as intern
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Refer to the Help section for in depth tutorials and quickly master the Tethys Engineering Platform.

How to register as a student

Registering on the Tethys engineering platform is straight forward and only requires a few minutes to complete. From the Student subscription plan under the Register menu, new participants should click the "Register" button to initiate the process. 

Alternatively, if you have received an email invitation from an existing member, a link will directly take you to the appropriate place.

There are a few easy steps to follow to ensure that you have properly created your account, including reaching the "Check out" screen at the end. Although there is no cost to join at this point in time, completing the check out process is required to create a user account.

Who you are

Once you have clicked the Register button, you will be requested to provide the basic information to create a record of your participation in our database and keep in touch with you. Your email address should be on the mail server of the institution in which you are enrolled as a student. This, along with the important EDUCATION section of the form will serve as one of the multiple mechanisms we need to have to ensure that you are a qualifying student. 

Take the time to fill in the "About me" section of your can start here and get back to it later to edit it...but remember that the objective is to tell us who you are, in a professional sense. Although much of this information is mandatory to register, you have the option to select who will be able to see it. The icons on the right of each of the screens will give you the ability to select the correct option.

Also remember that you will also need to make some of this information available or visible to the businesses that will want to contract with you for "virtual internships".

You want to know more about this part of the registration process or interact with our team? Check the tutorial

What you can offer as intern 

With Tethys Engineering, businesses of all sizes can use your talent and energy  through 'virtual internships' and co-op programs, but first you need to define the kind of services you can offer. To facilitate that Tethys Engineering allows every participant to setup his/her own individual store and to fill it with the different services (products) he/she wants to offer. To understand how to define the appropriate price for your hourly rate, see here.

Once logged in, select "My Tethys/My Offering Dashboard" menu pick, this will take you through the steps required to create your own store and services (or products). 

As a participant you are allowed to create only one store so this process will never have to be repeated. The title should preferably identify you so it will be easier for businesses to pick it from a list. 

At his point we require every student to setup and provide information to a Paypal account (as it is the primary form of payment we are using).

You want to know more about offering your services and creating your store/services? Check the tutorial

Build and Grow your profile

Providing the required contact information and saying information on yourself is essential.To navigate to your profile, select the "Profile" menu pick on the second menu bar (you need to be signed in). It will bring you to your main profile page. This is your own space where, very much like Facebook or LinkedIn, you can make your self stand out and communicate with others about what you are doing. The "About me" section is important but as you will see there are many other ways to create an identity for yourself. 

You want to know more about building your profile? Check the tutorial

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