The Apprenticeship Diary

A tool that will be much more powerful than a resume upon graduation.

​Adding "Cards"

To create a new submission which will add a reputation "card" to your profile, navigate to the "My Tethys/My Reputation/New Submission" menu pick. At this stage you need to select what type of "component" the "card" will carry. Each of the three components of your reputation requires certain information to be provided. The field on the card you will create will be clearly marked if they are mandatory. An small blue icon with the letter "i" is available in certain places to provide additional instructions on how to fill certain fields. It is in your best interest to be detailed yet precise when building each card as they will be the primary reading material available to potential employers.

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How to improve the student reputation

Building a reputation is an essential part of a student's participation to Tethys Engineering. Our main objective is to provide students with a rich apprenticeship experience before they graduate. To complement traditional internship programs, motivated students can accumulate many more hours across a broad variety of projects. To make it possible to represent this correctly upon graduation, we have created a “log book” where experiences, know-how, and achievements can be captured and rated (hence verified) by the customer.


This component of your reputation is intended to capture the fundamental job experience you have gained over time. It defines the environment in which you have worked (i.e., industry, company, segment), the role you have played, and the results/outputs you have delivered.


This component of your reputation captures the skills and expertise you have acquired as you accumulate experiences. This could include tools, software, processes, etc you have learned to master. It essentially defines the level of proficiency you have developed in areas important to possible employers.


This last component of your reputation is the formal recognition you have received. We have defined two different kinds: academic and professional. The academic recognitions naturally include the degrees you have obtained and all other formal accreditation you obtained with various learning institutions. The professional recognitions are the formal badges of honor, certificates, or any other form of professional accreditation you have received from an employer's internal learning programs.

You want to know more about building your reputation, check the tutorial

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