A transparent cost model

Businesses are supporting the costs related to their internships and related student work. Students are supporting the costs related to the usage of the Tethys platform and eventual additional tools. They will of course get all these costs covered in their hourly rate.




Refer to the Help section for in depth tutorials and quickly master the Tethys Engineering Platform.

How to Define the Student Hourly Rate

As part of the Registration Process and during 'What you can offer as intern' step, students will be required to define their hourly rate.

As this rate should take different costs into account, Tethys Engineering is offering a tool to help the computation of that hourly rate.

The Calculator

 Once logged in, select "My Tethys/My Profile" menu pick, this will take you to your starting point for many tasks.

You will see in the left column the hourly rate calculator.
First, you need to select the vendor, which by minimum should be Tethys Engineering. If you have access to some particular tool and want to offer in your store a service based on that tool, select the appropriate vendor and product. Tethys Engineering costs will be then automatically added and you don't have to worry about it.


Your rate should be defined by you and in line with market rate if you want to sell your services. 
Submitting this info will get you the following answer from the calculator

"What you need to charge" is the amount to add during the creation of your service.

Build your Store, add Services

Once you know how to define your hourly rate, you should proceed with creating your store and adding services.

  You want to know more about offering your services and creating your store/services? Check the tutorial

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