A Student Store

A simple way to transact with businesses

A store is a collection of services that each student will create to define their offering. They might offer different services related to various skills, like for instance 3D modelling using SolidWorks.


Refer to the Help section for in depth tutorials and quickly master the Tethys Engineering Platform.

How to start 'virtual internship'

Now that your business is created on Tethys Engineering platform and you (may) already have relationships with students through some groups, you can create internships and start to get students on board.

Creating and Posting Internships

The process is very simple and offers a mechanism to advertise to the broader community of students on Tethys the work that needs to get done. 

An internship entry can be created by selecting the menu "My Tethys/Internships/My Internships/New submission". This will bring up a page where all information required to add a new internship in the Tethys database can be provided.

You want to know more about creating and posting Internship? Check the tutorial.

Finding Students

Now that you have posted internships, finding students with the appropriate skills will be the next step. You might already have relationship with students and you can just invite them to work as 'virtual intern' for you. If this isn't the case, you can search the student reputation database to select the right candidate. 

We are building a strong incentive for students to "build a reputation" on Tethys Engineering (as the information shared will be then the primary mean for you to select the perfect candidate, short term and long term).

You want to know more about finding student? Check the tutorial.

Onboard Student, order services from their store

The ultimate goal for a student is to be hired by you. To facilitate that Tethys Engineering allows every student to list the services (and products) he/she wants to sell through their own individual store. 

By purchasing the service offered by a student, you will create the necessary link between you and the student.  

You want to know more about placing an order on a student store? Check the tutorial.

Next Steps

Plan, Collaborate, Review the work done Paying the student


Cron Job Starts