Frederic Ramioulle

My Tethys Experience

My Tethys Experience

​For my first project with Tethys, I was connected with an entrepreneur who wanted a 3D Solidworks model that he could present to potential investors for his innovative fire fighting water tower. Working on this project benefited me in a variety of ways. Firstly, it gave me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I learned in class to a real, significant project. It also forced me to deal with a variety of issues that accompany most projects, improving my communication and planning skills.

After a few iterations, I produced a final model that demonstrated the novelty of the customer's design. Looking back, this project was a great learning experience whose end product was actually useful. For any interested party, I would whole heartedly recommend Tethys. As a student, it is a great opportunity to develop or refine technical skills that are essential in growing as a budding engineer. It is also a great way to earn some extra money working from the comfort of your home/dorm. For businesses, those tasks that are beneath full time engineers can be valuable practical learning experiences for engineering students. Tethys helps to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge that a student learns at school and the practical know-how that is required to become a successful engineer.

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Tethys Engineering

3 Easy steps for Businesses to start with Tethys Engineering

3 Easy steps for Businesses to start with Tethys Engineering
Working with Tethys Engineering is straight forward and can be brought down to 3 simple steps: ​
  1. Register and create a business profile 
  2. Post internships and develop relationships with possible student candidates 
  3. Launch a project and book students hours to get the work done

It has been easy, flexible and efficient to get the Solidworks models needed to launch the manufacturing of the injection molds for one of our new products. Even under a tight time line the students we worked with went out of their ways to finish the job on time.

CEO - Arizona Start up, 2015

Registering and creating a business profile

Although the registration shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes, including getting the verification email to active the account, it is recommended to spend a little time logging in and using some of the key feature to make the business' presence in Tethys Engineering known. The minimum is probably to upload an attractive cover picture and an icon as avatar so that it is easier for students to spot the business. Adding a few messages on the profile page of the business would help too and creating a couple of groups to get ready for inviting students into more private spaces should take a total of 10-15 min maximum

Posting internships and looking for students

We offer the possibility for businesses to post an entry describing the type of internships (or type of projects) proposed. These can then be reviewed by students and those interested can reach out to the business suggesting their participations. Multiple entries can be created for each business and those entries can be reviewed by the students that have participated further helping to spread the word and make these visible to the broad community. On the other end, a business user can search the members directory and the student reputation repository to find the right profile. From there an invitation to a private group can be sent to as many students as needed and those relationships can start to flourish

Launching a project and getting students booked

Each registered business has automatically access to our feature-rich project execution space, invite students and get started with work. The only prerequisite is to book the time of each student. It is a very simple process that can be initiated on the profile page of the student  or in the "offering" section of the web site under "My Tethys". Once the student and the service needed is selected, the check out process takes the user to a "shopping cart" which offers a 3 steps process to capture the information needed for payment. It is up to the business and the student to agree on the increment of hours that should be booked. Payment can be expedited with Paypal or Credit cards and work can get started.

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Frederic Ramioulle

Tethys Engineering attracts its first 6 customers

Tethys Engineering attracts its first 6 customers
The second half of this summer has been very busy at Tethys Engineering. Despite the fact that we are still in a soft launch mode, working on improving some of our core mechanisms and processes, we feel blessed that customers have already trusted us to performed some very interesting activities.

"Tethys Engineering is offering us the opportunity to access the talent at ASU (Arizona State University) in a very flexible and efficient way. We see this as an excellent complement to our small engineering team"

Vocational Truck Manufacturer - AZ, 2015

When we started, we were asked the following question all the time: "what would students be able to do?". Convinced that with some directions, the engineers in our colleges could surprise the biggest skeptics and create real value for a wide variety of customers. Here are a few examples that made a difference for those first few customers: 

  • Developing Solidworks models that can be driven from a table/spreadsheet to rapidly adjust to the various system configurations needed 
  • Creating a full set of drawing with the appropriate geometric tolerancing and dimensioning needed to ensure that the manufactured components will assemble without any issues.
  • Converting a library of 2D drawings into 3D models to improve the overall design to manufacturing process.
  • Modifying a large series of 3D models in order to fine tune the decision and prepare for the manufacturing of production injection molds.
  • Developing the first 3D design for a startup launching a new product line after securing a set of US patents.

This demonstrate that students can efficiently contribute to various activities of various engineering department. With the right guidance and leveraging Tethys Engineering collaboration environment, students can not only complement the full time staff but allow a redistribution of tasks to make everyone more productive.

3D Modeling and model maintenance

2D to 3D library conversion

Drawing package development and other technical documentation

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