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Rolling out more advanced communication capabilities

Rolling out more advanced communication capabilities

We have created a news repository and a mean for various participants to participate in the news creation process. We started with several categories that will be filled with content progressively, each category targeted to achieve a specific communication objective. 


‚ÄčEverything starts and ends with the customer, hence we will step up our effort to increase the level of communication relative to what is happening on the customer front. We plan on posting news relative to the customer success stories but also allow customers themselves to provide news related to their organizations and the various internship opportunities they are creating.


Naturally our students and the campus environment in which they operated is a foundational part of the mission of Tethys Engineering. Our news section relative to the various campuses that are participating will celebrate the impact our effort has on the learning and apprenticeship opportunities but here too we will allow students themselves to highlight their personal stories.


It is important that we continue to invest in our software portfolio available to students and businesses. We will post news on the developments on this front and make sure that we are timing it correctly with the development of customer needs

Tethys Engineering:

Finally, we will start to posts more systematically news on the development of Tethys Engineering itself. We are making good progress with the maturing platform available to businesses and students. More importantly have demonstrated that we can create the right connection with businesses, deliver quality services, and have the customer come back for more leaving the student with more apprenticeship opportunities.

Accessing and Using SOLIDWORKS on Tethys Engineeri...


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Saturday, 19 January 2019
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