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Tethys Engineering offers the on-line features needed between businesses and students to manage projects. With the right subscription users are allowed to create and manage projects with various community participants. At Tethys Engineering we have currently integrated the project collaboration capabilities of Smartsheet to our platform and our offering. Other solutions will be available in the future. Our goal is to offer the Tethys Engineering community a set of state-of-the-art tools to foster collaboration. You can find a lot of information about Smartsheet on

The key functionalities are:

  • Collaborative Project Management – Smartsheet online project management software provides users a flexible solution that offers visibility across people, projects, and deliverables. It is the central location where project managers can view their team's availability, check and plan for deliverable timelines and upload and share related documents. Users can easily see who is busy and who is not to help them make decisions. They can quickly switch to an interactive Gantt chart view to visualize the project, update plans and act on schedules and deadlines. A calendar view is also available. Users also can easily attach files from local computers or online drives such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Evernote. They can add discussions and notes on any row to keep information in context. 
  • Familiar Spreadsheet Layout – This project management and collaboration software uses an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface that is instantly familiar and allows everyone to get started in minutes. No steep learning curve, thick manuals or countless tutorials to get through before users can enter data on rows, add columns or change the layout of their sheet. Getting started is easy, whether from a blank sheet, importing data from existing MS Excel, Project or Google spreadsheet files, or use one of many templates to jumpstart work. In case users need more information how to use the software, they can go to the Help Center, choose to show tips, play Help videos or talk to a customer support. 
  • Complete, Flexible Solution – Smartsheet goes beyond task and project management. Other features include automated alerts and email reminders, integration with calendar software such as iCal or Google calendar and Google apps, and compatibility with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Aside from spreadsheets, it also has web forms, cell linking between tasks and projects with a single cell or a range of cells, and customizable reports that can be exported to PDF or Excel. It works with many other apps through API, has Admin tools for better security, control and custom configuration as well as an enterprise platform for special requirements. Card View – visual learners benefit from Smartsheet's Card View feature as it provides a different way of looking at the workflow on a project, in comparison to the standard grid view.

...and many other features.

Users with appropriate subscription have automatic access to our project and collaboration space by selecting "My Tehtys/My Projects" menu pick. This will load a page that embeds the Smartsheet environment and provide al its features (in the future, other project management environment might be available).The upper left icon of the project space provides a link to the account details that was created for each eligible Tethys community participant. As 'manager' of your environment you can create and share workspace with any participants. The upper left part of the menu bar helps navigate to the home page or to the project list the user has access to as shown on the image copied here. Selecting one of the project listed takes the user to the specific project space where collaboration takes place.

The project management environment provides comprehensive capabilities to develop details project plans, associate tasks to users, and communicate in various ways. The system offers also various reports and presentation views to get a sense of progress across multiple work streams, users involvement, time commitments and many other critical aspects of project management.

An important part of project management with independent contractors is to track the progress on activities and the time associated with it. Our project environment provides a very detailed way to monitor those activities and to assess the productivity of various participants. The time sheets created by users feed several reporting views allowing the project manager to monitor time spent on various tasks and across the entire project.

The project collaboration space provides also mechanisms to share documents of various types. Documents can be attached to various part of a project associating files with specific activities. Documents can also be uploaded in a folder structure shared across all project participants. At the bottom of the document page users can select the "Dropbox" icon to synchronize various parts of the document folder structure with the dropbox folder on their computer. The document management system offers a robust, secure and role-based mechanism to share documents. The system provides check-out/check-in capability to avoid version conflict and also capture all document modification history for future audit. In addition, text document, spreadsheet and presentations can be edited online, a robust markup system is also available as well as the ability to manager comments/discussions on specific documents.

The project and collaboration environment allows to manage student users and client users separately. The administrative rights for a project start with the project creator, from there multiple roles are available to add participants each with a specific set of permissions. A primary client user is always associated with a client specific project and determined by the way the account what setup when the business primary contact registered the business in Tethys Engineering.

​Participating to a project space requires an invitation. Only businesses properly registered to Tethys Engineering have the ability to invite students to project spaces. Each project space is manage by a registered participant of the business that owns the workplace.

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