Building a Reputation - The Apprenticeship Diary

Building a reputation is an essential part of a student's participating to Tethys Engineering. It has two fundamental objectives, 

  1. the first is to create an appealing and detailed view of one's capabilities in order to attract the interest of various businesses, 
  2. the second is to collect feedback from various projects and skills developed along the way 

Overtime this collection of information will enrich someone's profile and be extremely valuable to seek full time employment after graduation. It will provide a level of insight on engineering candidates that will go way beyond what can be capture on a resume. It will also provide authenticity as the information collected is not someone 's own opinion of him/herself but the feedback of the businesses you have worked with. 

We called all this the student's apprenticeship diary, a tool that will be much more powerful than a resume upon graduation.

There are three key components to building a reputation on Tethys Engineering. Two of those components will be "reviewable" by people you have worked with (more later on this). 

​3. Achievements

This last component of you reputation are the formal recognitions you have received. We have defined two different kinds: academic and professional. The academic recognitions naturally include the degrees you have obtained and all other formal accreditation you obtained with various learning institutions. The professional recognitions are the formal badges of honor, certificates, or any other form of professional accreditation you have received from an employer's internal learning programs.

​1. Experiences

This component of your reputation is intended to capture the fundamental job experience you have gained over time. It define the environment in which you have worked (i.e., industry, company, segment), the role you have played, and the results/outputs you have delivered.

2. Know-how

This component of your reputation captures the skills and expertise you have acquired as you accumulate experiences. This could include tools, software, processes, etc you have learned to master. It essentially define the level of proficiency you have develop in certain areas important to employers.

​The first two components described above are subject to reviews. It is important that you collect the opinion of the people you have worked with of your performance and contribution across various dimensions. 

The practical steps to the creation of your reputation is to add "cards" to your "listing". Each "card" can be one of the three components listed above. Once created they will appear in searchable database for others to discover. These will also appear in your profile (left column) as part of "My Listings" which will show the collection of "cards" you have created. This will be the most important part of what employers will look at when reviewing your profile either to work with you on internships or to eventually hire you.

​To create a new submission which will add a reputation "card" to your "listing" navigate to the "My Tethys/My Reputation/New Submission" menu pick. At this stage you need to select what type of "component" the "card" will carry. You can choose from one of the three options discussed in this section of Tethys Engineering's quick tutorial

​Each of the three components of your reputation requires certain information to be provided. The field on the card you will create will be clearly marked if they are mandatory. An small blue icon with the letter "i" is available in certain places to provide additional instructions on how to fill certain fields. It is in your best interest to be detailed yet precise when building each card as they will be the primary reading material available to potential employers.

This where it all comes together. Once you have gone through a series of reputation card submissions, you will be able to see them accumulate on your profile page. It is important to make those look as interesting and attractive as possible to enrich your profile. Other participants to Tethys Engineering will have the opportunity to get to know you better by reviewing the information provided under the tab named "My listing" on your profile page.

As discussed before, reputation "cards" are entries in Tethys Engineering's database and can be searched using every field available. To search the entire database to find other students with similar skills, or to learn about what others have done, you can navigate to the "My Tethys/Search Student Reputation" menu item and have access to the entire listing. By clicking on the "Advanced Search" button you can access a form that will let you enter a specific search criteria for each field.

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