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Tethys Engineering offers a comprehensive community environment in which each participant (i.e., students, businesses, professionals, and coaches) can register, build a profile, start developing relationships, and get work done.
Registering a business is straight forward and only requires a few minutes to complete. New participants should select the "Register" menu pick to initiate the process. Alternatively, if you have received an email invitation from an existing member, a link will directly take you to the appropriate place.
There are a few easy steps to follow to ensure that you have properly created your account including reaching the "Check out" screen at the end. Although there is no cost to join at this point in time, completing the check out process is required to create a user account.

There are two key elements for businesses to participate:

  1. Register the business is required before any form of transaction with a student can take place
  2. Register various employees/leaders of the business. These participants need to register as "Professionals" and have access to the entire set of feature we offer to build relationships wit students.

In addition, registering a business has a few additional critical elements to watch for:

  1. The information for the key contact (i.e., name, email address, etc) will be use in the backend system to create the primary owner of the account and the first user of the project and collaboration space that will be created. This user will also receive the notification sent by Tethys Engineering which will include the payment transaction information with the various students. t is recommended to use an contact and related email address that could play this administrative role over time.
  2. Basic Company details including Business Name will be using amongst Tethys community to present your business

Below are addition information about the steps of the process

As a business you have free access to Tethys Engineering for now. At a later stage we will be adding a number of different subscriptions that will provide access to premium content.

As mentioned before, a business needs to be registered as a "user" of the system so that an account can be created in the back-end and allow transactions to take place.

In addition, a business can have as many "Professional" users join and participate to build relationships with students.

New user need to proceed to Register to subscribe to this plan.

This may look like an un-needed step but it is required to set you up in our database correctly. At a later stage, we will add various subscriptions to chose from including some payable that will include learning packages or access to special software.

The key contact information will be used in the back-end system to create an owner for the business account. This is the email that will be used for notifications sent to the "Business" as well as all transaction information that will take place between the business and the various students. This owner of the account will also be the first user setup with the Tethys Engineering project space and will have the option to invite other users from the business. These additional users can be setup as manager which will give them also the opportunity to create and manage projects.

Tethys Engineering is designed to help business find students to get work done. Take the time to fill in the "Description" field of your profile to provide information about the business.

You have to re-enter your Name here as Key contact person for your Business

Although much of this information is mandatory to register, you have the option to select who will be able to see it. The icons on the right of every one of those screens will give you the ability to select the right option. If you choose "only me", you and the administrator of Tethys Engineering will be the only ones able to see that field.

This is the last step and a very important part of the registration process. We must have access to your student information to ensure that you are a qualified students. You will also need to make some of this information available or visible to the businesses that will want to contract with you for "virtual internships"

​Before reaching the check out screen you will have the opportunity to upload an image/logo to identify your business. You can also skip that step and do it later.

The Checkout screen summarise the subscription, as mentioned, it can been seen as necessary step but you have to click on checkout button to finalise the registration

Your account will be active once verified. For that, you will receive an email verification that will bring you back to Tethys Engineering and allow you to log in. Check you spam folder in your email program if you have not received an email within a couple of hours. Some corporate firewall may prevent Tethys Engineering to close the process, if you have not received an email verification at all, try going back through the process on a public web connection. If that doesn't work, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your business is now register on Tethys Engineering and you can ask colleagues to register using the Professional subscription plan.

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