Building a Business Presence on Tethys Engineering

Tethys Engineering provides as rich set of features to allow you to create your own community, very much like most social networks. This said, the essential objective is for a business to build "private" groups to select and invite "virtual interns".

It is one of the key mechanism through which some level of intimacy can develop between a business, professionals in that business, and a group of students interested to work on real-life projects.

A business can create as many groups as needed. They can reflect different interest areas, activities, type of projects, etc. Inside those groups, information can be shared with a great level of control. It offer the opportunity to share files and documents in addition to the videos, pictures and text feeds available across the rest of the web site

The following step by step instruction will provide more details.

Once you have reach the end of the registration process, you will be able to log in back into Tethys Engineering by selecting the menu pick "My Tethys" or "Sign in". There on your profile page or on the community home page you will be able to select "Groups" on the menu bar and create your on group. This will give you the opportunity to create a semi-private or private space for your to communicate with members of your business and with students. You will also be able to define how other users can participate.

There is not limit to the number of group you can create. The functionality is there to create an intimate relationship with a group of students on a specific topic.

The group you create can have a special avatar and special cover picture to distinguish itself in the community. Each group as a dedicated wall that captures the activities of group participants. 

In addition, groups have also the ability to post and manage their own announcements, discussions and events. Discussions and announcements can also be repository of documents that you upload increasingly dramatically the ability to share information with participants. Note that access to those documents follow the privacy settings you have setup for the group. 

There are two main menu items that will provide you ways to modify your profile. The first one is on the upper right corner of your main profile page. When clicking the "gear like setting" you will be able to select multiple options to change the overall look and feel as well as the preference of your profile. Note that this includes email notifications and privacy settings. As a first step, you may want to change your picture (Avatar) and make it personal. Show who you are and remember this is a professional network... you can also change the cover picture of your profile and give you the opportunity to make a statement. Make sure the size of the picture you select fits the space provided otherwise it risks to hide some menu items which will make it impossible for your and others to navigate around your profile (the image size should be 1200x450).

As mentioned previously the second menu item you can use to modify your profile is "Profile" in the second menu bar next to the "Home symbol". There you will be able to essentially change or adjust everything that is changeable. Note that it is important that you look at your preferences and privacy setting. These will define what others can see and how you will be notified of changes that take place in your network.

The last step for a business to develop a presence on Tethys Engineering is to formally post internships. Please refer to the Posting Internship article to find out more.

Posting an Internship
Building a Business Profile


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