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Once a business creates a profile and preferably establishes relationship with a small group of students through the "Group" functionality offered by Tethys Engineering, it will naturally make sense at some point to formalize its internship needs. The process is very simple and offers a mechanism to advertise to the broader community of student on Tethys the work that needs to get done. 

An internship entry can be created by selecting the menu "My Tethys/Internships/My Internships/New submission". This will bring up a page where all information required to add a new internship in the Tethys database can be provided.

Once an internship entry is made, it will automatically show in several place:

- the list of all internships at "My Tethys/Internships/Search Internships"

- the business' own internships at "My Tethys/Internships/My Internships"

They will also be visible on the profile page of the owner of the listing.

‚ÄčThe internships available for a business are also made visible on the business' profile page. This gives the opportunity for students to have all information needed about a business in a single place. The list of internships is available on the upper left column of the page right below the cover image.

There are two main menu items that will provide you ways to modify your profile. The first one is on the upper right corner of your main profile page. When clicking the "gear like setting" you will be able to select multiple options to change the overall look and feel as well as the preference of your profile. Note that this includes email notifications and privacy settings. As a first step, you may want to change your picture (Avatar) and make it personal. Show who you are and remember this is a professional network... you can also change the cover picture of your profile and give you the opportunity to make a statement. Make sure the size of the picture you select fits the space provided otherwise it risks to hide some menu items which will make it impossible for your and others to navigate around your profile (the image size should be 1200x450).

As mentioned previously the second menu item you can use to modify your profile is "Profile" in the second menu bar next to the "Home symbol". There you will be able to essentially change or adjust everything that is changeable. Note that it is important that you look at your preferences and privacy setting. These will define what others can see and how you will be notified of changes that take place in your network.

The several important functions to be aware of in order to fully utilize the capabilities of the platform:

  1. ‚ÄčReceiving an inquiry: The internship owner will receive notification and private message from users that are sending inquiries about the listing. This can be done from the internship detailed page by selecting the "Inquiry" button in the right upper corner
  2. Changing the status of an internships: Once the needs for the interns are fulfilled or the various projects are completed, it is important for the listing owner to change the status of the "internship" from "Active" to "Complete". A third option is also given to place the internship "On hold".
  3. Getting an internship reviewed and rated: We want the feedback offered on Tethys Engineering to go both ways, from the business to the student and vice versa. For that purpose, each listing can be reviewed by participating students and a rating can be provided for the internship experience. Obtaining 5 stars rating from students will make the business and the internships offered more attractive to the best talent in the community.
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