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MSC Software launches MSC Apex Campus Program

MSC Software is partnering with Tethys Engineering to promote around university campuses its latest revolutionary simulation platform, MSC Apex, designed to change the way engineers model and simulate parts, assemblies and systems. 

Now, through its partnership with Tethys Engineering, MSC is pleased to give engineering students across the country access to MSC Apex, the world's first computational parts-based Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) system. 

MSC Apex has already won 8 awards and transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modeling and process time from days to hours. By giving students access to MSC Apex they can effectively and efficiently tackle some of the biggest challenges in manufacturing and engineering, and learn critical skills outside of the classroom. Want to see an example of MSC Apex in action? Click here ( or visit

Learn to mesh geometry and define mesh criteria with MSC Apex. Mesh based on size, type of element, mesh seed, and feature.

Read what users across the globe are saying about MSC Apex:

Apex is a modern and effective tool to prepare out 3D CAD geometries for high quality FEM models. The challenge today is to put the calculation model on the right level of detail, to gain maximum value in the shortest time. Apex is our new companion to meet that challenge. – MacGregor, Sweden

Using MSC Apex Modeler, the time required to prepare the model and mesh was reduced from 8 hours to 1 hour. There is no need to go back to CAD and change the model. – Mitsubishi Hitatchi Power Systems / RSG@Takasago, Japan

MSC Apex takes what used to be time consuming and frustrating geometry tasks using traditional programs and turns them instead into efficient and satisfying tasks. The ability to create mid-planes on the fly and to quickly simplify geometry for meshing purposes is unmatched. ­– TLG Aerospace, North America

About MSC Software:

Established in 1963, under the name MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation (MSC), MSC has become a leader in simulation software technology, with a suite of software available, serving customers in almost every part of manufacturing. MSC Software is an innovator in the field of engineering and manufacturing simulation technology, having pioneered many of the software products that are now relied upon by industry to analyze and predict stress and strain, vibration & dynamics, acoustics, and more.

Join the thousands using MSC software and check out our internships on Tethys or visit our website at

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