Accessing and Using SOLIDWORKS on Tethys Engineering

Accessing and Using SOLIDWORKS on Tethys Engineering

Tethys Engineering and SOLIDWORKS have put in place a mechanism to allow students in qualifying post-secondary (college or university) program to access the tools needed for students to participate to extended virtual internships and perform engineering work for businesses around North America. Please follow these steps to request access to Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS , connect to the server, and estimate the cost of usage.


  1. Register to Tethys Engineering as a Student and make sure you have a valid ".edu" email address on file.​
  2. Log in and go to "My Tethys/Students/Request access to SOLIDWORKS" and fill in the form making sure you provide a valid student ID. Once submitted, the form will allow you to upload a copy of your student ID card as an image or pdf file.
    This is required, access will not be granted unless a scan of a valid student ID card is provided.
  3. Your request will be evaluated and once accepted, you will receive an email inviting you to go on the Tethys Engineering web site  to join the Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group.​
  4. After joining the  "Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group",  you will be able to find the remaining instructions to get access to SOLIDWORKS.​
  5. Before being able to access the server, you will need to register to MySolidWorks ( ) and provide the serial # that has been provided to you within the "Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group", in the Solidworks installation discussion.. Registering to MySolidWorks will also give you access to the download area you will need to install the software on your computer​
  6. Once you have you MySolidWorks ID used with the Tethys Engineering license number, come back to Tethys Engineering and navigate to "My Tethys/Students/My SOLIDWORKS Access Info" and update your form to make sure your "MySolidWorks ID" is properly captured.​
  7. Once this is complete you will need to follow the steps described in Solidworks access tutorial discussion. This will allow you to create the necessary VPN access to the SolidNetwork Licence server. 


Use of Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS is continuously monitored and hours consumed will be deducted from billing transactions to customers. It is expected that students issue invoices to customers at least fortnightly and cover their Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS access fees by the end of each calendar month. SOLIDWORKS + Tethys Engineering access bundle pricing is available in the "Tethys Engineering SOLIDWORKS user group" on

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